About Us

The Story

SLX.marketing was established in 1996 by Graham Hansell, the founder of Sitelynx the UK's original SEO. From his experience working in high privacy industries like Wealth Management and Medical he wanted to allow a company to own and control it's own Inbound Lead Generation. SLX's role is to provide a way for Companies to manage their own Demand and Lead Generation using the Web's most popular Content Management System - WordPress

The mission has been to put together a set of plugins, services and skills to ensure any company could own their own Lead Generation process without relying on very expensive third party Marketing Automation and CRM systems. 

When we started this journey in 2016 WordPress wasn't capable of what we imaged the system to do.

However, now, with our combination of WordPress, Themes, Plugins, Auto Updates, Marketing Automation and WordPress CRM a full Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and even CRM can be handled from inside of WordPress. This means the whole Inbound Lead Generation process is all under the control of the company, ensuring privacy compliance, reliability and control. 

The Problem:

Lead Generation, Nurturing and CRM Services like:

  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Pardot
  • Salesforce


This means you real world Cost Per Lead and Cost per Sale is driven by their costs.

Once they have your data it is VERY HARD to leave their ecosystems meaning your company's data ends up being held to ransom for their services and costs.

In addition some industries either don't want or can't share personal data with third parties especially in the Europe.  

The Solution:

SLX.marketing is here to ensure your are able to:

  • Generate Demand using Content Marketing
  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing though Email and Social
  • A Full CRM system if required 

This is done using a Self Host WordPress system:

  • avoiding escalating costs
  • data control
  • ultimately peace of mind