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SLX understands that generating customer demand is the lifeblood for any company’s expansion.

However many Sales & Marketing people get confused between Demand and Lead generation;

  • is a “full-funnel” marketing system that serves to build a demand for your products and services.
  • Lead generation is a “bottom of funnel” process used to collect specific information about potential clients, turning them into sales leads
Stages of Demand Generation

So if you need to target other businesses then we can help you grow your company's whole pipeline;

  • Education to your audience of the problems and why they profit by changing
  • Solution to the problems and why your company has the answers
  • Selection of your company's products over other service providers

DARTS; full-funnel Demand Generation

After years of experience, we have developed a DARTS framework to help get you inside the buying journeys you will need to move your prospects towards your company's products and away from your competition.

Stages of DARTS customer journey
DARTS framework


The team can work with your sales and marketing teams to define your

  • Customer Personas (data drive buyers groups)
  • “Pain points” (what problems do people ask about)
  • “Buyer journeys” (the 15+ different sources of trusted information people will use)
  • Audience research language (advanced keyword research)
  • Competitive Environment (identify strengths and weaknesses to define the right competitive strategy to succeed)



From there, the the team will work inside your brand guidelines to build valued content. They will align your content with the customers ‘pain points’ to emphasize understanding and awareness.
This content can be developed from copywritten text, imagery, illustrations, infographics, through to video production. But whatever content format it is, it will move the customer forwards on their journey to purchase from your brand.


Aligned with this response stage will be the analysts, testing and confirming your measurement is capable of being accurate and insightful.
They can plan, develop and support the ever popular web analytics packages of Google Analytics, Hotjar, Adobe Analytics and the open source alternatives.


From there, our team will plan, launch, optimize campaigns to build brand awareness, generate a response to your digital assets and collect data transactions into your marketing automation system.


In addition, and can work together to plan and set up Marketing Automation from a variety of vendors.
Our team will program in email and social contact points through marketing automation, to move your prospects forward in their buying journey and support the lead qualitative process.
We will pass 
marketing qualified leads into your CRM, in any country that is important to your company’s expansion.

Within this framework, we provide a full consulting and agency services to generate marketing qualified leads (MQL) digitally, across the world.

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