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All digital strategies need the customer at their heart, but often with sales targets, technical challenges and the pressures of daily business it can be difficult to keep them at the core.
SLX, have a number of tools to refresh a tired department, break down entrenched thinking and to help your team focus on the goals that will help make your business more profitable with deeper customer loyalty.
There are a number of program options:

Persona building

A day workshop with your team, where individual customer types are identified.

8P E-commerce planning

A full “nose to tail” review of your entire E-commerce offering.
This review takes approximately a month and looks in-depth at all aspects of the E-commerce service ensuring that all elements are aligned to the strategy.
It covers the following areas:
Proposition– How will this site stand out and to what audience?
Product– What product categories should define the offering?
Pricing– How do the prices compare to top-tier retailers?
Place– Are there alternative marketplaces?
Promotion– Balancing the media channel to deliver the right Cost per Sale.
Proof– Grow the belief in the brand, products and service online.
Process– Getting the product to the customer on time and cost effectively, does this process kill the profit?
People– Are your team empowered to help the customer?

4scope Media and Channel strategic planning

Happy you have your 8p’s understood, but worried that your media plan may not be aligned with your digital strategy?
Or are you suffering from Cost per Click inflation in your marketplace and need to drive your campaign more efficiently?
Then our 4scope media planning methodology can help.
The process helps to identify the correct balance between media channels and bring the whole combined media program back to a single Cost per Sale.

We will work with you to establish a full sales/marketing plan with monthly targets for sales and set performance targets for all the individual media channels to put you back in control.

DARTS Measurement and reporting framework

Can’t see the forest for the trees… not sure what good looks like?
Drowning in data and not sure what is useful, worrying or needs action. Then this measurement framework can help to pull all the relevant data sources together into a trackable and actionable set of metrics, which keeps the customer at its heart.

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