e-Commerce Marketing

e-Commerce Marketing


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e-Commerce can be seen as so easy;
Sign up for a free trial on a cloud-based eCommerce system.
Use PayPal to take payments and deal with fulfillment if the orders come in.
However, this means a high percentage (over 66℅) of e-Commerce projects fail due to poor planning around product mix, pricing, payments, placement, and process.

Therefore SLX has developed our industry-leading 8P framework to ensure your e-commerce is planned to succeed.

SLX.consulting will work through the framework to establish each stage is resourced to produce a profitable customer experience.

SLX.tech will build out either an upgrade to your current e-Commerce place or build a new site from scratch depending on legacy and efficiency. We are platform agnostic but will always recommend a cloud-based open source solution to ensure avoiding client ‘lock-in’ to a bespoke system.

SLX.tech will also build in both customer Analytics and e-Commerce CRM to ensure the best insights and actions to increase customer service and conversion rates.

From there, SLX.media will plan a promotional campaign and deliver an effective organic and paid media campaign to deliver e-Commerce Marketing at an agreed cost per sale.

If you want to have a chat about your eCommerce needs, either call us on 0207 613 3133 or email us at Info@slxmarketing.com