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Google Ads… Something MISSING?

Certainly looks like it!

 Google Serp without adwords sidebar


2nd March 2016

London 4:30 PM

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35 minutes with 10 mins Questions and Answers


Google Adwords logo

In this webinar, we will look at the Search Engine Marketing strategies with the removal of the Ads on the right-hand side of Google SERPs.

With Ads ad slots jumping from 3 to 4 at the top of the page and, therefore, Organic position number 1 now becoming position number 5, this will impact both SEO and PPC. Based on simple “supply and demand” the costs of ads are likely to rise, so planning the strategy right from the start will save both time and money.

This webinar is for marketing people running Lead Generation campaigns, and looks at the impact now Ads slots are cut from 11 to 7.

Who should attend?

  • Marketing Managers
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers


  • Why has Google removed the Ads?
  • What is the likely impact of the changes
  • What strategies should you use?
  • Impact on SEO
  • Impact on PPC
  • Summary
  • Q&A


Graham Hansell – Head of Planning and Course Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Learn How Much You Can Save