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Demand Unit Waterfall – Steps In The B2B Customer Journey

Most company's Customers will take time to convert.

They don't just “search > click > buy”

So a smart brand needs to recognize different steps in their customer journeys and plan to persuade them at every step.

So ask these questions to try to map your customer journey:

  • What is the Customer Demand – the problem they want to solve, fear to overcome, desire to release – not what you have to sell
  • Are they Aware of how your company's offerings can meet their demand?
  • What Response is there from your brand comms? Do your current customers provide shares, likes, reviews that support that promise?
  • Are you gaining data Transactions with your prospects? Do they optin to your offers, newsletters, share pages into their social networks and follow your brand social media channel?
  • What Sales Transactions are you getting? Are they from current customers or new customers? What is the value compared to offline sales?
  • Servicing your current clients will grow your customer base, so are you retaining clients? Are they using your site to answer their customer questions/? Are there testimonials, reviews, and likes for your products or services?

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