Free training in the new Ads Next interface

By Graham Hansell | Training

Mar 02

Google's Ads Next is live for most advertisers and offers a lot of changes and chances for your campaign workflow.

If you have put off the changeover, then let SLX paid media team steer you through the main changes you need to learn with our  Ads video course.

What will I learn?

Video 1 - Interface

  • Cleaner navigation (no really, it is once you learn it)
  • Consolidated targeting across campaign
  • Ads tool consolidation

Video 2 - Reporting

  • Overview reports
  • New reporting features
  • Dashboards
  • Landing pages report

Video 3 - Targeting and Bidding

  • New features
  • Household income targeting
  • Advanced bid adjustments for call extensions

SLX will run you through all these points in our videos and answer the questions you need to have answered.

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