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Google Analytics Advanced training course


This Google Analytics (GA) advanced training course is suitable for GA users who use the software on a daily basis.
This specific training course is designed for analysts and analytical marketing service teams.
Advanced training course in Google Analytics will take you through which configuration of Google Analytics is set up, what it will do and to see if it needs upgrading.
How to build customized reports to improve insights for your partners in marketing.
The use of advanced filters, how to know when to apply them and how to combine these filters with profiles to get a greater understanding of your website usage.

newnewmeasureA deeper understanding of tracking specific goals and events for brand awareness, e-commerce, lead generation, publishers and customer support.
Learn how to find and match anything with regular expressions in Google Analytics.
Reveal how your social channels are working for you by analyzing influence, source, interactions and goals.
Understand Google Analytics data sampling, what it is and the best practices to use to reduce sampling.
Multi-channel funnels and attribution across first, last and assisted clicks.
Plan for Google Universal Analytics and the inclusion of Bing and Facebook advertising data, call tracking and CRM integration.
Advanced set up with cross-domain tracking and subdomains.
Discover custom variables, learn what they are and see how to apply them using specific examples.
Define organic search performance to show what your SEO is really doing.

This is a practical course, you will need access to your own Google Analytics set up to attend the course.

This course is NOT suitable for Management or Director level, we recommend our Google Analytics or our Digital Strategy courses.

You can get even more information on all the available advanced SLX training courses by calling us on Tel: (44) 207 613 3133 or alternately emailing us at