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SLX is a Magento website developer for e-retailing customers.


We specialize in helping brand owners or manufacturers sell directly to consumers.
This is not a skill that usually sits with manufacturers and we can walk you through the pitfalls of selling direct and the benefits, along with the wider issues of postage rates, staffing, dispatch and handling returns.
We can provide a webmaster and IT support to keep the website working and an outsourced marketing team to keep the promotions and advertising driving sales at an agreed Cost of Sale.


You can speak to us every day or hear from us once a week; we will work to fit your calendar.
The first question in a website's development is how much will it cost?
Every business and brand are different, so we will meet with you to work out your needs, and give you an accurate price for any website development.
We do not charge for quotations and are happy to discuss the various options with you.

Things to consider when you are planning to commission a new website

A successful website is made up of 3 parts.

1) Infrastructure
The background programming that allows customers to fill baskets, pay you money and then for the order to progress through warehousing and out to the customers. We pride ourselves on building a slick website with an easy to use experience for your customers, with logical links into your back office functions. Everything is aimed at maximising the websites conversion rate.

2) Website Design
This should convey your brand, its values and create trust so that a customer can feel confident in transacting with you. This is often the most emotive and expensive part of the project. Your brand may require special homepage photography to be commissioned. Buttons and logos to be upgraded or created. Along with product photography or videos where appropriate. Product photography has moved in leaps and bounds, and there are now many low-cost solutions to bringing a large product catalogue online.

3) Website marketing
It is not just enough to build a website, a budget to market the website and drive in visitors should be the foundation of your website development plans.
Website marketing is the core of SLX, we look to build a long relationship with you, we want to link the sales performance of the website to a marketing plan and our management fees. So we share the risk of your digital investment.

For more information on Magento, telephone us at our London office on 0207 613 6133 or email us at Info@

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