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Marketing Services


Marketing Consultancy

  • Not sure where to invest your marketing budget
  • Should you chase Social?
  • Where is your site going wrong?

Research & planning

  • What Customers Want & Need – search queries and social conversations research
  • DARTS framework
  • 8P eCommerce framework


What should success look like?

Talk to us about a review or audit of your current programs on the following areas:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Organic Media (SEO, Social etc.)
  • Paid Media (PPC, Affiliates etc.)
  • Customer and Web Metrics (Google Analytics)
  • Internal marketing process
  • Expert Witness Services

We provide a full service digital agency solution, where we can manage as much or as little of the marketing mix as you wish. Use us as your “outsourced marketing department” but with sales performance contracts

Analytics management

  • Website Conversion Analytics
  • Customer Analytics & Marketing Automation
  • Search management
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Pay Per Click

Social management

    • Networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc etc
    • Advertising
    • Marketing Automation Emails

Web management

    • Site design & build
    • Advertising
    • Affiliates

Mobile management

  • Apps
  • Advertising

Affiliate Advertising

    • Affilinet
    • AWin
    • Commission Junction (CJ)
    • Rakuten Marketing
    • WebGains

Amazon Marketing Services

    • Amazon Sponsored Products Ads
    • Amazon Headline Search Ads
    • Amazon Product Display Ads

Mobile Advertising

  • Apps Sponsorship
  • App and Mobile site Advertising

Search Engine Advertising Management

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads

Social Advertising Management

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Quora Ads
  • Twitter Ads

Website Advertising

  • Crypto Advertising Networks
  • Remarketing Advertising Networks
  • Site-specific deals
  • Sponsorship


  • Advertising banner creation
  • Animation creation
  • Press, print, radio

Content Creation/Copywriting

  • Content Management System CMS setup
    • WordPress / Magento
  • Content with efficient Calls to Actions
  • Page content writing
  • Infographics


  • Shoot management
  • Stock photography sourcing
  • Retouching
  • Licensing


  • Video/Webcast/Podcast production
  • Speech recording and editing
  • Interviews, audio and video
  • Advertising video production
  • TV quality advert production

Taking brands around the world


  • content in the language of your target personas in a country. Where a user lives does not necessarily determine their native language. Where there are large expat communities (Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Monaco) or officially multilingual (Belgium, India and Switzerland etc.) SLX will develop the CMS & content in their native language but with prices displayed in the local currencies.

Dates & times

  • Ensure the CMS displays dates and times in the preferred local formats to avoid confusion and an improved user experience. If your site states to deliver goods on 11/12/13 then is that December or November or even another year?

Currency & payment options

  • eCommerce sites need the trust of their customers to transact. Trust is helped by displaying prices in the local currency. We can implement this into your CMS. More important is the actual payment mechanism depending on the country (iDeal in the Netherlands etc.)

International shipping and Returns

  • It stands to reason that if you want to sell goods internationally you need to offer international shipping. We understand the many countries have complex regulations regarding customs and duty. We can assist with clear pricing which includes the cost of shipping and any charges associated with export duties or other taxes.

Digital Marketing

    • Introduction, Advanced and Masterclass


    • SEO, beginner and advanced
    • PPC, beginner and advanced


    • Email & Marketing Automation Systems, processes and what works
    • Networks, get more from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels


    • Outreach
    • Advertising
    • Affiliates

Measurement & Analytics

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Piwick

WordPress and Magento specialists

Full Technical Services based on the two most popular Open Source Content Management systems;

  • WordPress – Powering 25% of websites, it is perfect for blogging, landing pages and content marketing
  • Magento – the worlds most popular eCommerce server with full catalogue management functionality can design, build, maintain and support your web solution as your brand requires it.

If you want to have a chat about your Marketing Services needs

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