Generating qualified online leads has been generating marketing qualified leads for companies for over 20 years.

We see Lead Generation as the bottom part (Selection stage) of our Demand Generation services which cover the whole funnel from the top to the bottom.

Lead Generation is the “Selection” stage of the Demand Generation cycle

SLX's experience gives data on what types of buyer stages there are by industry, conversion rates and the content triggers at each stage.

  • types of buyer stages
  • industry insight
  • conversion rates and costs
  • seasonal trends
  • content triggers at each buying stage

With this understanding, bespoke research into a particular market and test and learn methodology, leads can be generated at a target cost per lead.

The real benefit of our Lead Generation Services for companies are:

  • Performance-based lead generation, you will get what you pay for
  • The customer data is shared with you and your team to learn more about your types of customers
  • By producing content at the different stages of the buyer journey, brand awareness will grow

Lead Generation Services provide lead generation services which target those buyers going through their decision-making process of:

  • Education – learning about the product area
  • Solution – seeing how their problems can be solved
  • Selection – choosing their solution provider

By researching, testing, and nurturing through content delivery, proactive and relevant leads will be built. With nearly 20 years of experience and expertise in online media, if the campaign can be a success, it will be successful.

By early mapping and planning of the buyer stages leads will be generated through:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search (SEO & PPC)
  • Social media (Shared content & Adverts in email campaigns, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Other websites (blogs, outreach campaigns, press releases),

We’ve created a setup which works to drive relevant enquiries to you in real-time.

You’ll know the moment someone is interested in you, opening a window of opportunity for conversions.

Lead Generation by Industry and Segments

  • Education (online/real world)
  • Financial (high net worth / cryptocurrency)
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • SAAS (Software as a Service)

Audience Definition

Central to all plans is an ever-growing understanding of your audience’s needs, wants and requirements. Thorough research of the marketplace, competitors, and target audience we make sure all opportunities are considered and planned for.

Targeted Digital Marketing

Potential customers arrive in real-time on landing pages &/pr microsite on your website, ensuring full transparency of the campaign.

Lead nurturing Services

Following our buyer stage planning, content will be able to be served to interested customers at different times, through adverts, social networks and email (depending on the stage). This will allow for both moving the customer to become a lead and prequalification to ensure they match lead criteria.


  • Daily rules-based optimization in our digital marketing systems
  • Every 10-day performance analyst reviews
  • Every 30-day full campaign review
  • Every 90 days strategy and market review

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