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Pay Per Click (PPC) – What we do

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Our pay per click campaigns focus on driving customer actions, as opposed to raising awareness.
The cause and effect between the advertising and customer action can be clearly measured using independent analytics systems
As buyers we can optimise our client’s campaigns in near real-time based on the measurement
In many cases our agency fee is is made based on the customer actions, therefore we buy as a performance marketing agency not a media buyer.
Gone are the days when it was just one channel over another in the Paid Media mix, we plan and deliver campaigns within

  • search – Google Ads, Baidu, Bing, Yandex
  • social – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram
  • websites – RTB (real time bidding) in display networks and native ads like Toomla, Outbrain and Dianomi
  • apps – mobile and tablet advertising

Our team of experts understand how the various channels work in the mix and how they can be used to reach and grow your customers and business.


In a world where Paid Search is constantly evolving, many businesses face a daily challenge
of keeping their PPC campaigns running efficiently whilst being profitable.
Whether you’re a business that is just starting out or a well established company with over 20
offices in different countries, you would be surprised at just how similar the problems you will
Pay Per Click is no longer about just buying keywords and showing text ads. You can also take advantage of the various ad enhancements that can help to make your campaign more effective and successful.
These range from integrating product feeds into your campaign so that you ads can be expanded to show the products you are selling, before the user has even arrived at your site. You can also have additional text links in your ad, enabling you to drive users to specific content or products on your site.

There are also more sophisticated means of targeting your audience. Want to run ads to show up for iPad users? need to target customers of a specific mobile network? need to focus on people in a particular area?
Our team of experts have the knowledge and know-how to help you reach and grow your target audience, business sales and presence.


Advertising on social networks is something which cannot be ignored. With sites like Facebook and Linkedin taking the lion’s share of overall time spent online, they also present a way of gaining exposure to more than 850 million users worldwide!


With the ability to target users by age, gender, location, interests and other factors you are now able to reach users, their friends, colleagues and family.
Social advertising presents a powerful opportunity to engage with your target audience. Beyond getting users to click through to your site, you can now get users to participate in polls, include the option to ‘like’ an ad, and even run competitions and promotions from your profile.

Our team of experts have a thorough understanding of how to reach your target audiences in the social channels, therefore being able to come up with tactics that will increase your customer base, visit frequency, engagement, reach and loyalty.
They can also help you coordinate your social communication and customer engagement strategy – helping you to keep your customers loyal, happy and most importantly managed.


Advertising on sites which have similar content themes allow you to tap into pre-qualified audiences.
Site advertising offers a unique opportunity to harness the popularity and user confidence of these sites which can more often result in an efficient source of sales, leads and platform to build brand awareness.
The biggest opportunity within site advertising is video. Site’s like YouTube allow you to place advertising on top of user generated content, therefore harnessing the popularity of the content as well as the site’s brand strength. YouTube has over 500m unique users across the globe (Fast Company, Jan 2011)
Our team of experts can help select and coordinate a strategy to approach, set-up and advertise on similarly themed-content sites.

Unlike other online marketing agencies, SLX never approaches projects with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy.
Every client is different. every campaign is different and every businesses objective is different.
We LISTEN to our clients first, then discuss and plan their business needs – delivering a tailored digital marketing to meet their ROI objective.
At SLX, we work with both small and big businesses alike, including some of the UK and worlds biggest organisations across a broad range of verticals:

Energy & Communications
Banking & Finance
Publishing & Media
Charities & Non-Profit-Organistations

As one of the longest established digital marketing agencies in the UK, we have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience on how each of the paid media channels work across a variety of sectors.
Our digital marketing specialists can help plan your campaign, profile your audience and build your campaign strategy thereby ensuring the success of a campaign from start to finish.
We work closely with the experts at Google, Bing and Facebook to ensure that all projects are running to deliver optimal results.
This way you can be sure that you have access to the latest tools and developments, ensuring your campaign will be more efficient and more successful.
Whether you’re starting from scratch or maybe you just want to get your campaigns running better?
will identify your issues, efficiently grow your campaign and deliver better results at a lower cost – ensuring you get more from your investment.

If you want to have a chat about your PPC needs, either call us on Tel: (44) 207 613 3133 or email us at Info@

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