Web Analytics

Understand how customers use the web



Our analytics services stem from a deep understanding of how real customers use the web.
After 18 years of generating leads and eCommerce sales, sitelynhave always put data and reporting at the heart of everything we do. We have developed our own frameworks (4SCOPE and DARTSmetrics) to ensure we can see the journeys across multiple digital channels and impacts that they have on different parts of the customer journey.

We are also strong advocates of the OODA loop focused on uncovering simple, actionable insights that can reveal the truth of a marketing plan’s success and be used to optimize Owned, Paid and Earned media channels. From web analytics to multivariate testing to tracking user journeys through to offline sales, we will work with you to successfully analyse and optimize your digital assets.

Our approach is structured to allow value development for a client at every stage:

1. Analytics audit

Top-line audit to spot major issues in current setup and also provides a quality benchmark which we would obviously expect to improve.
The audit scores setup in these key areas:

  1. Setup
  2. Site tracking
  3. Reporting
  4. Configuration
  5. Use of advanced options

2. Digital & Social Analytics Planning

The planning phase is vital – taking business or campaign objectives, mapping them to calls to actions which are then designated goals. Then we expand to build a measurement framework which links analytics KPIs to business needs.
As well as establishing goals, we also try to estimate a financial value to goals – this accelerates the speed of which reports go from a regular task (“the monthly report) to an ACTION.
The output is a bespoke version of the DARTSmetrics measurement framework and a list of current and required tracking requirements.

3. Web Analytics Setup & Configuration

Quick Wins – identify and fix any issues with setup. Optional tag management solution like Google Tag Manager
Events tracking review and custom tracking code which can be used for instance to capture customer login, time on page and scroll depth.
Integration configuration with AdServers (Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter etc.) and SEO (Google Webmaster Tools) as well as filtering out internal site traffic from your network users. Shared campaign tracking (affiliates, email, display, native ads etc.) will be set up for all marketing team members to ensure consistency of reports.

4. App, Social Media and Web Reporting

The Digital Analytics will be set up to  provide a wide range of reporting options, from ad hoc reports to dashboards to custom alerts. All owned (website, blog, app & social pages), paid (search, display, affiliates, social, native ads) and earned (SEO, outreach, social sharing, online pr) media will be reported on and where standard reports aren’t complete enough, advanced reports developed specifically to populate the DARTSmetrics measurement framework.

5. Google Web Analytics Training

sitelynprovides Google Analytics training at all levels, either direct to client or through CIM where CPD is required. Short form online training can be provided for marketing campaign tracking (emails, social, ads etc) to ensure all team members can produce accurate tagging and ROI reports.
Web Analytics with sitelynwill develop a structured framework approach to solving problems and answering important customer journey questions.

If you want to have a chat about your analytical needs, call us on Tel: (44) 207 613 3133 or email us at Info@slxmarketing.com