So who exactly are we & what do we do?

Let’s start off with a couple of quick questions:

  • Can your Pay Per Click agency get a Google Adwords campaign up within 20 mins and across other search engines (Bing, Yahoo) within 30 minutes?
  • Can your SEO agency have a breaking news story optimized for Google News and Google Web search, distribute it to major Social Media Networks and be able to report on progress within the hour?

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If, like us, you’re about delivering results, driving sales and getting the best from your business’s ROI – we’re talking the same language!
Every client we work with is individual to us and has their own specific requirements. Our philosophy is that no two businesses are the same, hence we tailor and deliver independent specialist Pay Per Click, SEO advice and management to each of our client’s needs.
We work out realistic targets for your digital marketing campaign that deliver profit for you and hence profit for us.

Our contracts are worked around those targets and so we’ll give you a full “Performance Bond”, which will reduce your bills if we don’t deliver!
This is significantly different from the typical agency CPA (cost per acquisition) deal, which we believe does not produce good value for clients. It forces the SEM agency to work to the “cheapest” traffic and tends to drives to lower quality conversions leading to lower Lifetime Values from the resulting customers or clients (a common complaint about working with affiliates).

So who exactly are we and what do we do?

SLX started as the UK’s original SEO, formed back in 1996. Over the last 20 years, we have grown to become a full stack marketing specialist. We work and have worked with some of the world’s biggest and well-renowned brands.
We have over 50 years combined experience of PPC, SEO & Social Media and have encountered every aspect of SEM – From pages disappearing from Google to getting websites reinstated after they have been banned.
We are Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Optimizer experts as well as a Microsoft (Bing) AdExcellence certified company.
We specialize in all forms of online Search Marketing including:

Digital Strategy
Affiliate Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization

Social Media Marketing 
Email Marketing 
Magento site Management
Online PR  
Digital Training

Rapid turnaround of your SEO and PPC campaigns

So, if you are frustrated by your current agency’s slow campaign set up, talk to SLX today and we can get it live tomorrow.
For instant results, telephone us immediately at our London office on 0207613 6133 or email us at